Artisans at work.


I am Pooja Mehta. Welcome to my store. 

For generations we have used products without ever wondering who are the people who make it. In case of our Spotlight lamps, our Artisans are from a town called Roorkee in the state of Uttarakhand in Northern India. 

"Before 1840, the city of Roorkee was a tiny hamlet consisting of mud huts on the banks of the Solani rivulet.Digging work on the Upper Ganges Canal formally began in April 1842, under the aegis of Proby Cautley, a British officer. Soon, Roorkee developed into a town. The canal, which was formally opened on 8 April 1854, irrigated over 767,000 acres (3,100 km²) in 5,000 villages. Read more on this here."

Here are some of the pictures of Artisans at work. With basic equipments, lots of hand tools,and generations of experience turns a piece of wood and metal into a Luminaire.