Picture Projection Tripod Lamp

Picture Projection Lamp is a unique product in the Australian Market. A great marketing tool that PROJECTS /SHOWS a picture (BrandName, Logo, Image etc) in full colour to floor or wall from the LAMP. This versatile lamp can be folded and stored when not in use. And when needed, it can put together under 10 minutes. 

So what is a Picture Projection Lamp made up of ?

There are 4 components that make the Picture projection lamp:

1. The tripod - This is not any ordinary tripod. These are handmade, wooden or steel tripods, that are made with high quality materials. Apart from the functionality of supporting the Lamp, it also adds to the overall beauty of the Lamp. All tripods can be adjusted for height. This means that the Tripod can be tall enough to throw the image onto the wall even when someone with average height (6Ft) is standing next to it. 

2. The Lamp Head - Currently there are 4 version of Lamp heads available. They are Shiny Spotlight Style Chrome Finish (Lixue Picture Projection Lamp), Matt Studio Style Chrome Finish (Zohra Picture Projection Lamp), Black Movie Lamp (Layla Picture Projection Lamp) and Brass Nautical Lamp (Bellissa Picture Projection Lamp). 

3. The Projector - The projector is a mechanical equipment inside the Lamp Head that powers the Image onto the wall or Floor. 

4. The Image - The most important ingredient is the final image. This is a static image that is embedded into the Projector. The most important quality of this image is that it is ultra high definition. This results in great clarity of the Projected/Shown image even in bright conditions. 

Picture projection is not a computer/USB/Phone operated device. It is free from any of these binding technologies. The image shown from the lamp can be changed manually and takes 5-10 minutes to do that. For multiple images please email us at care@induslamp.com.au The cost of the lamp includes 1 image. For more images you will be charged separately.

Bringing all these 4 components together into 1 unique product is what makes this lamp a great marketing/advertising investment for your work or home.

The size of the image Projected is depending on the distance from the Head of the Picture Projection Lamp. The projected image size increases with the increase in the distance between the lamp and the projected surface. As a rough guide, the following has been achieved in different installations at maximum tripod height.


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