Support & Warranty


For any enquiry related to products bought at IndusLamp please contact us in following ways:

Phone: 1300 90 91 44




All IndusLamp products are covered under 1 year replacement warranty. If the replacement product is out of stock then the customer will be given a choice of buying another product of the same value or apply for a refund.

For any warranty related issues please contact us in following ways:

Phone: 1300 90 91 44


Please note that each lamp is handmade and can contain small variations in color, paint, looks etc. We take great effort during manufacturing to make sure these variations do not spoil the overall decor of the lamp. Being a bulky product we also ensure the shipping and packaging is adequate. But there are times when after all these efforts some minor chips and dents do appear in the lamps. Once you have received the lamp, and you find such issue, we request you to assess the lamp from a distance and check if this issue/defect is something that is visible and spoils your enjoyment of the lamp. If it does, then please contact us.

All our Lamps are for Indoor Use only. Please do not expose Lamps to Sunlight or rain or water.

Being Large and Bulky, please ensure for safety purposes the lamps are not kept close to children as they way knock the lamp and can get hurt.

Please ensure all adjustments of the tripod are made in a safe manner that does not jeopardise property, equipment and people. After adjustment of the tripod, make sure all adjustment knobs are tightly screwed otherwise it can cause the tripod to collapse and break the lamp and also jeopardise  property, equipment, people etc.

Only put Globes as recommended. Always disconnect the Lamp power point from the wall socket before putting or removing the globe. 

This is an electrical product that should be treated with care and attention.