Vintage Style

Anchor Yellow Diving Helmet


Brand: IndusLamp

Anchor Yellow Diving Helmet

A unique concept in getting the Nautical equipment into your living room. The anchor is a replica helmet of the original US Navy Anchor Engineering helmet made in 1923. 

Long before we had spacesuits, we had diving suits and helmets. The ocean was the first hostile environment that we sent people into, completely covered with protective gear. And the suits that people created with late-18th century or 19th century technology are astonighing to behold.

Our Large full size helmets are well crafted Divers Helmets, commanding feature piece and evoking senses and illuminating spaces. These diving helmet is well made replica with finishes in Yellow and brass.

Metal : Iron & Aluminum & Brass
Magnifying Lens Only on the Front Window.
Approx Size: 18" x 16" x 12" / 46 x 40 x 30cm.
Weight: 5 Kg.
Note: This is a handcrafted replica helmet produced in our factory in Roorkee, India and not a real 1923 Helmet.