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Bellissa Tripod Coast Guard Floor Lamp

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Brand: IndusLamp

Bellissa - Coast Guard Marine Vintage Tripod Floor Lamp

A unique concept in getting the Nautical equipment into your living room. Bellissa is beautifully handcrafted with the perfect mix of Metal and wood to create a stunner. The brass finish is unique to this lamp that creates a visual masterpiece in any setting. Great for Home Decor to add a touch of prestige and class. The louver in Bellissa is a piece of Nautical equipment used for guiding ships into the harbour. Here's a story from the past to get some context.

A sketchy account of what happened. Imagine the day February 15, 1849

"California: A letter has been received by a respectable mercantile firm in the city, detailing a horrible butchery already occasioned by Californian gold. A ship, called the Amelia, sailed from St. Francisco with gold, to purchase a cargo of silks in China. In crossing the Pacific Ocean, three miscreants of the crew, during a night watch, stole upon the mate, murdered, and threw him overboard; after which they successively assassinated the master, supercargo, and an English passenger named Cooke, whose wife was on board. The murderers then divided the Californian gold amongst themselves, and the remaining part of the crew, who, it would seem, were ignorant of the whole affair, till called upon to receive their share of the plunder. Soon afterwards the murderers got drunk and fell asleep, when the rest of the crew agreed to kill them and to restore the ship to her owners.
Accordingly, the ship's carpenter chopped off the heads of the three murderers with his axe, and their bodies were thrown into the ocean. The ship was then taken to Honohulao, one of the Sandwich Islands, and given up to the British Consul, being navigated thither entirely by a couple of apprentice lads, who alone possessed sufficient skill for the purpose. What also helped them in the ships navigation to the port at night was a pair of nautical lamps in the harbour operated by the coast guards."

Adjustable tripods means you can make it as towering as you want or keep in neat and level with the eye. A pair of these lamps in 2 corners in any setting will immediately demand attention. Combine that with different color options of LED light coming out of this lamp.


- Made of Aluminium, Wood and Glass for durability and strength.
- Tripod base for the unique look and feel.
- Perfect for homes, offices, hallways, libraries, cafes, restaurants etc
- Bellissa is made of Aluminium and Glass in glossy finish and the tripod is made of high quality wood and has adjustable nobs to set it to required height. 
Golden, Brown
Wood, Aluminium, Glass
What's in the box
Tripod, Lamp
Globe Type
E27 - Normal Screw Fitting

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