Vintage Style

Seychelles Vintage Style Fly Fishing Reel


Brand: IndusLamp

Seychelles Vintage Style Fly Fishing Reel

A bit of history: The first wooden reel was designed in the late 1790s in Nottingham, England. This became known as the Nottingham Reel. By the early 1800’s the simple effective wooden reel design was being copied all over England and across the Atlantic in America. 

Seychelles Reel is made of wood and aluminium. It is styled to look aged and vintage and give the fly fisher an experience of fly fishing how it was done in the olden days. You can combine Seychelles with wooden rod to take it all the way back in time.

Reel diameter(outside): 73mm.

Spool width: 30mm.

Product weight: 210 grams.