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Wright Movie Tripod Camera Masterpiece


Brand: IndusLamp

Wright Movie Tripod Camera Masterpiece

When you consider the scope of human history, it’s kind of incredible to think how far photography has come since its birth just a few hundred years ago. From the humble camera obscura to the ridiculously cool technology we all use to shoot now, it’s pretty amazing to look back on the history of photography itself and realize just how much has changed, and how much we take for granted. 

Vertigo Movie Tripod Camera Masterpiece Australia

This replica camera from the yesteryears provides a glimpse of the past and how photography was not as simple as point and shoot that we are now used to.



Size # 6"X 6"X 7",Ground Dia meter:9:,Height:24"
Material Used:Aluminium / Wood / Glass
Volume weight: 2 kg, height: 24"
Used equipment: Wood ,Aluminium, Glass

Note: This is a handcrafted replica camera produced in our factory in Roorkee, India and not a real camera. Also this is not a lamp.